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Ski Shangri-La: Telluride

10 Mar

Telluride is the a skier’s mountain and a skier’s town, so said Rasta Stevie in 1988’s ski porn classic, The Blizzard of Aahhhs. He got that right. Here’s an insider’s guide to Telluride.
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Cold-Smoke Confessions

9 Mar

Everybody loves a little ski porn. And powder. Check out this photo by Garrett Grove of Jeff Campbell slaying Mt. Shuksan. Woohoo, get it, boys!

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls…

11 Feb

Unless you’re Zach Crist, a First Ascents skier who is quite accustomed to hucking 25-foot waterfalls. Check it out…

The Two-Million-Foot Man: Greg Hill

11 Feb

Over the course of one calendar year, Greg Hill skinned, skied, and climbed two-million-vertical feet. That’s the equivalent of climbing Everest 69 times. Crazy! On December 31, 2010, in the backcountry outside of Revelstoke, BC, Hill summitted the two-million-foot-tall mountain. Then, he cracked a bottle of champagne and he skied some untracked powder.

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Insider’s Guide to Jackson Hole

2 Feb

If you’re not headed to Jackson Hole this winter, you should be. Why? 25 feet of snow and counting–the most white stuff the mountain’s tallied by Feb 1 in recent history. With some of the steepest inbounds terrain in the country and arguably the burliest lift-accessed backountry in the lower 48, Jackson is an expert skier’s dream. Plus, with a Wild West vibe, get ready to get down–on the hill and off. Don’t forget to check out the “Roots” button on the article–a little inside info on how JH came to be.
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The Lost Art of Getting It On: Hotdogging 101

24 Jan

In the early 70s, a new movement rocked the ski scene: hotdogging. It was a dynamic combo of stunt skiing, ballet, gymnastics, and figure skating–all on snow. To music. Usually in glittery stretch pants. Since every “complete” skier needs some old school steeze in their bag of tricks, here’s an instructional piece on how to execute some of the era’s hottest tricks. Bust out the CB jacket and Vaurnet shades, turn up the Barry White–it’s time to get your hotdog on.
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Natty Dread Ski

19 Jan

His name is Rasta Stevie and he had a vision for a ski-town Shangri La: “a funky unique place where dirt bags like myself can live in I-nity with Jah I-ration.” That line from Greg Stump’s ski film classic, The Blizzard of Aahhhs immortalized Stevie as the ultimate ski bum and Telluride as the ultimate ski bum town. His vision for a mountain paradise was transformed into reality when he landed a seat on Telluride’s Town Council in 1987.
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