Tom Chapman Responds to Backcountry Monopoly

8 Jan

At long last, Tom Chapman responds to “Backcountry Monopoly,” which appeared in the January issue of Outside Magazine. In a letter to the editor which appeared in the Telluride Watch, Chapman claims that Outside and I “pirated” the letters he wrote to Bill Koch. In fact, Bill Koch, through one of his employees, shared the letters with me, and all correspondences featured in the article were lawfully obtained. In August, I interviewed Koch over the phone to get his reaction to the letters. It was his first interview in four years since Patrick Radden Keefe interviewed Koch for a profile in the New Yorker. So, I’m still not sure why Chapman continues to publicly claim that I pirated these letters. Anyways, have a look at his response which appeared in a “Guest Commentary” column in the Telluride Watch.

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