Advantages and Disadvantages of Being A “Ski Expert”

8 Jan

About a month ago, I tagged along with Jennifer Broome and Melody Mendez from FOX 31/KDVR to shoot a segment on Echo Mountain, a little ski hill about 45 minutes from Denver. Echo actually has one of the deepest snow bases in Colorado at the moment, a benefit from all the up-slope storms we’ve been hit with. They brought me a long because, well, they’ve deemed me a “ski expert.” There’s  advantages of being a “ski expert”–I get to ski for a living.  There are disadvantages too–people are always watch your skiing very closely and expect you to rip. I often feel a little performance anxiety. And, on this day at Echo, Jennifer caught one of my not-so-hot ski moments  and featured it for all of Colorado to see. Thanks, Jen.  Take a peek…

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