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A Look Back

20 Feb

This is my third winter covering the World Cup for the New York Times. From Bode Miller’s comeback to Vonn’s re-injury, here’s a recap of the season so far:

Ted Ligety Takes Aim at Overall Title

Bode Miller Returns to Prime Form

Ligety Dominates and Miller Surprises

Miller Is the Main Attraction

Vonn Hit Tricky Turn

American Women Have Difficulty Early in the Season

Giving Back After the Race Has Past

On the Comeback trail, Miller is Third, But Disappointed

Felix Neurether Leaves His Mark

For Some Ski Racers, An Advantage Before the Season Even Starts

Svindal Wins Beaver Creek Downhill

Shiffrin Barely Misses Giant Slalom Win

Injury Lifted Hirscher’s Career

The King of Speed

Olympian’s Insider’s Guides to Your Favorite Ski Resorts

20 Feb

From Telluride, Colorado to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, here, your favorite Olympians give you the inside scoop on what to do and where to ski at their home resorts.

Gus Kenworthy on Telluride, CO

Julia Mancuso on Squaw Valley, CA

Ted Ligety on Park City, UT

Tommy Moe on Jackson Hole, WY

Picabo Street on Sun Valley, ID

Grete Eliassen on Brighton, Utah

Getting and Staying in Shape for Ski Season

20 Feb

Balancing Your Way to a Rip Roaring Performance

The US Ski Team’s Secret Weapon

The Power Endurance Powder Plan

Moving to the Alps

20 Feb

About a year ago, I visited the 12th century village of La Grave, France. It’s a charming, 500-person alpine hamlet stashed in the south east corner of France devoted entirely to skiing. There’s a bakery, two bars, a handful of hotels and a farmer’s market on Thursday mornings, and one ski lift accessing over 7,000 vertical feet of wild, ungroomed, unpatrolled terrain. I was sold. In January I moved to La Grave. Here’s why

Reaction In GJ Sentinel to Outside Article

7 Dec

KVNF Radio Interview

7 Dec

KVNF Radio Interview on Outside Magazine profile of Tom Chapman

Backcountry Monopoly Gets Attention

5 Dec

Outside and I shared some of my reporting materials with Jason Blevins  from the Denver Post. He wrote a companion piece (link there to 0 which landed on the front page of Monday, December 5th Denver Post.

Lou Dawson also posted about the article on, which is stirring up quite a debate going on that site. Click here (link to:  to see what people are saying about Tom Chapman and Backcountry Monopoly (link to :

The story was also mentioned in Monday’s GJ Daily Sentinel.

Koto Radio Segment on Backcountry Monopoly

5 Dec

Here’s an interview I did with KOTO radio on my Outside Magazine profile on Tom Chapman. Starts at 2:50.

Top Gear for 2011-12 on FOX 31

3 Nov

Last Tuesday, I was featured as a ski expert on FOX 31 / KDVR discussing this season’s top gear.

Check out the clip here…..

Robin Pope’s New Safari Lodge in Malawi

1 Sep

Robin Pope Safaris has been offering safaris in Zambia for over 25 years. Recently, they’ve branched out into neighboring Malawi. In July, RP opened Mkulumdazi, the only lodge in the Majete Reserve. No safari jeep traffic jams, or battling for camera angles–you’ll have over 173,000 acres of African wilderness all to yourself.

Read more here…

Zambiana Jane!

28 Jun

Here’s a story I wrote for Fathom, a new (read amazing) travel website and guide. From tracking black rhinos in the bush to swimming in Victoria Falls, it was the adventure of a lifetime. If you like adrenaline, as I do, put Zambia on your bucket list. Go.
Read Zambiana Jones here

For details on how to do Zambia, click here.

For the Thrill of It

27 Jun

Here’s some behind-the-curtains info on why I travel from Fathom’s Questionnaire.

Go North, Young Lady

1 Jun

June 1st, almost summer, but I’m still dreaming of big lines and big snow–something like the one Chris Erickson slayed in Alaska’s Takinsha Mountains last spring.

Check it out….

Indiana Jane!

26 May

I recently did a segment with Peter Greenberg for his webisode series on Peter Greenberg Worldwide. Greenberg is THE travel guru, ie CBS’s travel editor, and I was honored to be featured as an adventure travel expert on his show. I especially loved the moniker “Indiana Jane.” I do love me some adventure.

Watch the video here….

Mamma Africa!

26 May

Deep in the Namibian desert, lies a lush oasis: &Beyond’s Sussuvlei Lodge, which boasts some of the clearest skies and brightest stars in the world.

Read more from my article in Robb Report….

Chris Davenport Slays Everest’s Lhotse Face

24 May

Kastle poster boy Chris Davenport skied Everest’s Lhotse face in mid-May with fellow Aspenite Neal Biedleman, and followed that up with a successful summit bid with Beidleman, Telluride’s Bill Allen from Ophir, Colorado-based Mountain Trip, and a client, Ephi. Congrats, Dav and the rest of your crew!

To read more about his expedition, click here…

Tiger Fishing in Zambia

22 May

Here’s a little story about flesh eating fish. Last September, I went on assignment to Zambia to catch the elusive Tiger Fish, a 10-30 lb river monster with a mouth full of blade-like teeth.

Read more from my article in the Robb Report….

Ski Porn Featuring Adam Barker and Julian Carr

12 Apr

Bottom line: Julian Carr rips and Adam Barker wields a camera better than just about anyone in the biz. The shot is from an unusual rocky formation in Utah. Get it, boys!

Check it out…

Ski Shangri-La: Telluride

10 Mar

Telluride is the a skier’s mountain and a skier’s town, so said Rasta Stevie in 1988’s ski porn classic, The Blizzard of Aahhhs. He got that right. Here’s an insider’s guide to Telluride.
Now, go get some. Read here for the skinny…

Cold-Smoke Confessions

9 Mar

Everybody loves a little ski porn. And powder. Check out this photo by Garrett Grove of Jeff Campbell slaying Mt. Shuksan. Woohoo, get it, boys!

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls…

11 Feb

Unless you’re Zach Crist, a First Ascents skier who is quite accustomed to hucking 25-foot waterfalls. Check it out…

The Two-Million-Foot Man: Greg Hill

11 Feb

Over the course of one calendar year, Greg Hill skinned, skied, and climbed two-million-vertical feet. That’s the equivalent of climbing Everest 69 times. Crazy! On December 31, 2010, in the backcountry outside of Revelstoke, BC, Hill summitted the two-million-foot-tall mountain. Then, he cracked a bottle of champagne and he skied some untracked powder.

Read about Hill’s adventure here….

Footloose & Fancy Free

4 Feb

Jones Pass, Colorado, catskiing with Powder Addiction and Wagner skis. Can someone please remind why I spent the last eight years in NYC?

Insider’s Guide to Jackson Hole

2 Feb

If you’re not headed to Jackson Hole this winter, you should be. Why? 25 feet of snow and counting–the most white stuff the mountain’s tallied by Feb 1 in recent history. With some of the steepest inbounds terrain in the country and arguably the burliest lift-accessed backountry in the lower 48, Jackson is an expert skier’s dream. Plus, with a Wild West vibe, get ready to get down–on the hill and off. Don’t forget to check out the “Roots” button on the article–a little inside info on how JH came to be.
Read more….

The Lost Art of Getting It On: Hotdogging 101

24 Jan

In the early 70s, a new movement rocked the ski scene: hotdogging. It was a dynamic combo of stunt skiing, ballet, gymnastics, and figure skating–all on snow. To music. Usually in glittery stretch pants. Since every “complete” skier needs some old school steeze in their bag of tricks, here’s an instructional piece on how to execute some of the era’s hottest tricks. Bust out the CB jacket and Vaurnet shades, turn up the Barry White–it’s time to get your hotdog on.
Read more here….

Natty Dread Ski

19 Jan

His name is Rasta Stevie and he had a vision for a ski-town Shangri La: “a funky unique place where dirt bags like myself can live in I-nity with Jah I-ration.” That line from Greg Stump’s ski film classic, The Blizzard of Aahhhs immortalized Stevie as the ultimate ski bum and Telluride as the ultimate ski bum town. His vision for a mountain paradise was transformed into reality when he landed a seat on Telluride’s Town Council in 1987.
To read about about Rasta Stevie, click here….

Kiss This: Take Two

15 Jan

Fresh off her stellar Olympic performance, Julia Mancuso is coming in hot to the 2010-11 World Cup season. She spoke with me about her lingerie line, Kiss My Tiara, her Verbier Extreme comp podium finish, and more.

Read the full article HERE

Spider Sabich

1 Dec

He was a heart breaker, a gentleman and a helluva a guy. His name was Spider Sabich and he was a champion slalom racer whose life was cut tragically short when his girlfriend, Claudine Longet, shot him on a spring day in 1976. According to ski legend Bob Beattie, he was one in a million.
Respect, Spider. RIP.

Roots Racing

13 Nov

1968, the first World Cup race ever held in Canada. It was a wicked slalom set down Red Mountain’s double diamond face. Fans lined the course and the event was sponsored by Maurier cigarettes. Jean Claude Killy flew in on a private chopper, ran the race, won it, and flew out. It was all rock and roll back then. And I like it.

Photograph courtesy of Dave Heath.
Check out his photos. They rule.

Or check out the original item in Skiing Interactive here….

Austria’s Influence on All Things Ski

12 Nov

Without Austria, there would be no Aspen or Jackson Hole. No Bode, Daron, or Picabo Street. No yodeling, strudel, dirndls, or heliskiing. No apres ski.

Danke, Austria, for these are a few of my favorite things.

To learn more about Austria’s influence on American ski racing, read here….

Getting Ahead: A Profile on Head Skis

24 Sep

Yep, winter is just around the corner. Snow is starting to dust the Colorado high country, evenings are chilly, and my first ski story of the 2010-11 season just came out in Ski Racing Magazine. I’ll be covering the World Cup for Ski Racing all season. In January and February, I’ll be posted in Europe. Kitzbuhel, Wengen….here I come!

But first, a story on the rise of Head skis and the inside scoop on their star-studded roster of racers.
Read it here….

Dance Moves-Highlights from the Road

16 Aug

Nothing puts a smile on my face like someone’s unabashed thrash across a dance floor. Whether it’s yodeling and Polka in Austria, two steppin’ in a backwoods country bar, or breezy reggae skankin’, nothing speaks more about a person, or a culture, than their moves. Something about dancing brings out the best in folks.
Just watch Footloose.

With no further ado, here’s Goodtimes Gordy from Norco, CA. You might learn something. I did. Pop and lock. Watch it.

The Ride of a Lifetime: Me–Bullriding!

23 Jul

I’m working on a piece right now about cowgirls. For the sake of my story, I thought I’d give bullriding a twirl. His name was 50-50 and I rode him to the buzzer. It was the ride of a lifetime!


How Julia Mancuso Spent Her Summer Vacation

21 Jul

Confession: I have a girl crush on Julia Mancuso. She rips on a surfboard and skis, has a lingerie line, a Lange girl poster, and 3 Olympic medals. She snagged 3rd place at last year’s Verbier Extreme comp. And, she’s in next year’s Warren Miller flick. Um yeah, she’s friggin’ wicked.

Here’s a little clip that I wrote on how she spent her summer vacation.

Read here….

Kiss This! Julia Mancuso on her New Lingerie Line

28 Apr

Olympic medals, Lange girl, lingerie designer–jealous? Maybe, a little.

Take a peek at some outtakes from my interview with Julia Mancuso on her new lingerie line, Kiss My Tiara. And big thanks to Jon Selkowitz of Selko Photo for this killer image of Jules.

Read more…

Live from the Weather Channel… Me on Ski Racing!

28 Mar

Check out my TV spot on the Weather Channel from the 2010 Games in Vancouver. I was featured as a ski racing expert for their Olympic coverage.

Bode’s Dad on Bode

22 Feb

With his gold medal win in Sunday’s super combined at the winter Olympics in Whistler, Bode Miller is smashing the record for the most medals earned by an American ski racer. Ever. I sat down with his dad to get the inside scoop on the man who is quickly becoming the greatest skier–turned superstar– of our generation.
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1-2 USA: Celebrating Ski History

19 Feb

It was a big day Wednesday for the US Ski Team when Lindsey Vonn and Julia Mancuso took the gold and silver in the Olympic downhill. It was an occasion to celebrate and celebrate we did with an Olympic-style throw down. Here’s the PG version.

Baking Banana Bread With Lindsey Vonn

18 Feb

What does the best skier in the world do before the biggest race of her life? If you’re Lindsey Vonn you bake banana bread and shave a V into your little brother’s head. Apparently, it worked.

Behind the Scenes with Bode

17 Feb

So, what does one do after winning an Olympic medal? Eat sushi and drink sake if you’re Bode Miller. Here’s a glimpse into Bode’s race and what he did afterwards to celebrate.


10 Olympic Parties Not to Miss!

17 Feb

From keg rolling at the Saxony House to dub skanking at the Jamaican Bobsled Team’s HQ, here’s an insider’s guide to party hopping Olympic-style.

Inside the Wax Room

13 Feb

Why the guy who tunes your skis is as important as your coach–almost. A behind-the-scenes look at Alpine racing’s unsung heros: ski techs.

Making Ski Racing Safer

13 Feb

If charging a super-G course doesn’t scare you, it should. After a rash of early season injuries, race officials reexamined how racecourses are designed, making Olympic courses safer. Well, maybe. Check out my latest piece on

Olympic-Caliber Gear Comes from Vancouver

13 Feb

When it comes to Meccas of mountain equipment, there’s Boulder, Park City, and the granddaddy of them all, Vancouver. Home to Arc’teryx, Westcomb, and Prior, Vancouver is leading the charge in mountain gear innovation. Check out my latest piece for CNN.

The Olympics: You Heard it Here First!

4 Feb

Starting February 13th, I’ll be coming at you live with updates from the Olympics in Whistler as I cover the Games for Vanity Fair, Ski and Skiing Magazines. Stay tuned for the latest event and athlete updates and behind-the-scenes scoop!

Racing the Wind

2 Feb

The Olympics are rapidly approaching. Learn more about the US Ski Team and one of its premiere downhillers Marco Sullivan in my latest piece for the Weather Channel.

Read More…

Breakfast of Champions

2 Feb

Whether you’re recovering from a late night of revelry or gearing up for a big day on the hill, here’s a guide to Whistler’s best breakfast spots. Be sure to check them out if you’re heading to Whistler this month.

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An Insider’s Guide to Olympic Apres

25 Jan

So, you’re heading to the Olympics in Whistler. Be prepared for sick snow, world class terrain, sporting and revelry. Whether you’re celebrating an American victory or kicking up your boots after a day on the hill, Whistler’s watering holes elevate apres to an Olympic level.
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The Buzz on South African Wine!

20 Jan

The World Cup is not the only thing South Africa’s buzzing about this season–there are several sparkling additions to its burgeoning wine scene. Check out my latest piece in the Feb. 2010 issue of Conde Nast Traveler.

Sell Your Soul to the Heli-Ski Devil!

12 Jan

Sell your car, a cornea, your soul, but do whatever you’ve got to do to get to CMH’s Cariboo Lodge this season.

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